Clearwater Nova Side Console Series

Nova Side Console Series

For a great family fishing experience

Clearwater’s fresh and invigorating new Nova Side Console Series, offer an exciting new platform and design for every Aussie angler and their family to enjoy.

Picture you and your family waking up with the sun glistening across the water, your new Clearwater AL boat is ready to go right by the ramp..... Then go one step further and see your family out on the water, out fishing a big sandy bank drop off... Minutes later one of your young
ones lands a big bluey! Boating is a great family experience, and no other Australian boat manufacturer knows this better than Whittley.

Clearwater’s Nova Side Console Series offer Aussie anglers maximum fishing work area, unsurpassed storage space, stylish and spacious dash boards upon modern side consoles. If fishing is your game, then the Clearwater Nova has you covered!


Australia proudly boasts one of the most admired and useable river and lake systems in the world. The 430 Nova SC, is a boat designed with this in mind, and caters to Australian boating needs. Ideal to pull up to that edge and gain easy access to the bank, the 430 Nova comes standard with fully carpeted front bow area. The sports side console, removes the need for a tiller arm engine, and moving to an Yamaha Outboard enables both electric trim and start. A definite stand out from the crowd with a smooth ride and added stability at rest, this supermodel of the Nova series is ideal for tournament style fishing.



Built for the fishermen who want to fish rivers and dams, as well as some open water fishing in the bay systems. The 435 Nova WB SC, is a high sided wide body hull design, offering anglers options to both styles of boating. Standard with front bow rails, anchor roller and large anchor well storage, the 435 Nova WB SC makes it easy to drop anchor and fish within minutes. Underneath the stainless steel held front hatches, is a huge fishing gear storage compartment, enabling your prized working gear to be safe and removed from the elements. Add this to many more practical Aussie angler features, and you have the perfect fishing machine to join the Clearwater Fishing Team this summer. 

Key Specs

Models to choose from

Bilge Pump

Rear Casting Platform

Removable Swivel Seats

Maximum People on Board

Specs, Features & Options

Key: S (Standard), O (Optional), N/A (Not Available)


383 Nova SCS
388 Nova SCS WB
425 Nova SCS
437 Nova SCS WB
450 Nova SCS WB
475 Nova SCS
Side Decks S S S S S S
Gunwale Fender Strip S S S S S S
Anchor Storage S S S S S S
Transducer Bracket S S S S S S
Side Pockets S S S S S S
Swin Platform    
Front Deck S S S S S S
Transom Struts S S S S S S
Bow & Aft Rails S S S S S S
Row Locks x 2    
Bow Handle S S S S S S
Stern Handle x2 S S S S S S
Thwart Seats x 2 S S S S S S
Forward Casting Platform S S S S S S
Rear Casting Platform S S
Fuel / Battery Rack S S S S S S
Full Length Floor Marine Carpet S S S S S S
Rod Holders S S S S S S
Aft Cleats S S S S S S
Pedestal Seat Base Position x 3 S S S S S S
Removable Swivel Seat x 2 S S S S S S
Bow Eye S S S S S S
Painted 2-Tone Hull S S S S S S
Console S S
Navigation Lights S S S S S S
Anchor Light S S S S S S
Bilge Pump S S S S S
Kill Tank    
Carpet Embroidery S S S S S S
Electric Motor Bracket S S S S S S


BOL beam depth freeboard depth Keel to Gunwale Weight max H/P Max Weight on Transom Transom l/S Maximum People Bottom thickness top thickness
383 Nova SCS 3.8m 1.64m 0.47m 0.6m 168kg 25HP 82kg L/S 4 1.6mm 1.6mm
388 Nova SCS WB 3.85m 1.85m 0.9m N/A 170kg 30HP 82kg L/S 4 1.6mm 1.6mm
430 Nova SCS 4.3m 1.84m 0.56m 0.71m 300kg 40HP 121kg L 4 2.5mm 2mm
435 Nova SCS WB 4.37m 1.87m 0.6m 0.9m TBD 40HP 110kg L 4 2mm 1.6mm
450 Nova SCS WB 4.5m 2.1m 0.63m 1m 255kg 60HP 140kg L 5 3mm 2.5mm
475 Nova SCS 4.75m 1.85m 0.56m 0.71m 375kg 60HP 140kg L 5 2.5mm 2mm

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