Clearwater AL Open Dinghies and Punt Series

Open Dinghies and Punt Series

Style, Performance and Heaps of Extras

The Clearwater Open Dinghy and Punt series offer 8 models to choose from, with all models featuring standard high sides and wide beams.

Smaller models in the range are designed to be easily lifted onto pack racks on 4WD, camper trailers or utes. Included in this range is the 399 Cherokee WB, the number one selling boat in the Clearwater AL model range. Ideal for use out in the bays or rivers, its high sides, full length floor and front storage area, make it the ideal sized boat to handle easily out on the water and when trailering. Also in this series, is the larger 450 Sea Nymph, well known for its additional space and fishing room, giving you more room to boat with.

The Clearwater Open Dinghy and Punt model range offers some of the toughest little boats on the Australian market place. There is no doubt that the 4.2m pressed aluminium boat market is one of the most competitive in Australia. Clearwater AL offer two 4.2m models; the 420 Ventura and 422 Little Ripper, both with a competitive style, performance and a list of standard features the competitors charge extra for.

The full range of Open Dinghies and Punts offer easy to use boating, from driving the boat to trailering the boat. It is not hard to see why Clearwater is fast becoming the choice for Australian families when taking to the water with confidence, strength and reliability can all be assured by the Whittley Name.


The smallest model in the Clearwater AL range, may be small in size, but is big on value for money. The 310 is designed to get you into boating, without braking the budget. At 3.10m, it is ideal for hunting ducks in shallow waters or fish. Light and economical, this entry level Punt is a great little package teamed up with a 2.5 HP Outboard Engine.



The number 1 seller in the Clearwater AL range, this wide body hull, offers boaters the ideal all round open boat. With its standard free board of 90 cm, and a HP rating ideally suited to Outboard Engines up to a 30 HP, the 399 WB is a head turner at boat ramps around the country because of its unique and eye catching design. The 399 offers fishermen room to fish for up to 4 people from this pocket rocket. Standard with front grab rails and full length floor, the 399 WB offers all things great about boating.


Designed to be both light weight and stable on the water, the 380 ticks all the boxes and has won the hearts and minds of the Australian boating public for many years. The 380 is an ideal car topper, and one of the most suited models in the range for ease of use for the kids. With two foam filled seats, bow/anchor storage and strong rear supports and grab handles, why not ask your local Clearwater dealer to take you for a test drive today, you will not be disappointed.



Here is a fun big high sided boat that you’ll never get tired of. With a recommended 40 HP Outboard Motor fitted, you’ll have more than enough punch to get to your favourite spots quickly, with a remarkably smooth and safe ride. Trailering is also made easy, by the use of a Dunbier. There is no denying that the 450 Sea Nymph is one of the toughest little all around no nonsense boats on the market. With a full length floor,anchor storage and rear grab handles as standard, the 450 Sea Nymph has good times written all over it!

Key Specs

Models to choose from

Row Locks

Stern Handles

Thwart Seats

Maximum People on Board (depending on model)

Specs, Features & Options

Key: S (Standard), O (Optional), N/A (Not Available)


310 PUNT
Side Decks
Gunwale Fender Strip S S S
Anchor Storage S S S S S
Transducer Bracket S S S
Side Pockets S
Swin Platform S
Front Deck S S S S S S
Transom Struts S S S S S S
Bow & Aft Rails S
Row Locks x 2 S S S S S S
Bow Handle S S S S S S
Stern Handle x2 S S S S S S
Thwart Seats x 2 S S S S S S
Forward Casting Platform S
Rear Casting Platform

Fuel / Battery Rack O S S S S
Full Length Floor Marine Carpet O S O S S
Rod Holders
Aft Cleats
Pedestal Seat Base Position x 3
Removable Swivel Seat x 2
Bow Eye S S S S S S
Painted 2-Tone Hull O O O O O
Console N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Navigation Lights
Anchor Light
Bilge Pump
Kill Tank
Carpet Embroidery
Live Bait Tank Plumbed


Bol Beam Depth Freeboard Depth Keel to Gunwale weight Max H/P Max Weight on Transom Transom L/S Maximum People bottom thickness top thickness
310 Punt OB 3.1m 1.14m 0.39m 0.39m 38kg 5HP 30kg S 2 1.2mm 1.2mm
380 Strike Pro 3.8m 1.56m 0.48m 0.75m 98kg 20HP 82kg L/S 4 1.6mm 1.6mm
399 Cherokee WB 3.85m 1.85m 0.90m N/A 150kg 30HP 82kg L/S 4 1.6mm 1.6mm
420 Ventura 4.35m 1.85m 0.6m 0.9m 161kg 30HP 82kg L 4 2mm 1.6mm
422 Little Ripper 4.36m 1.86m 0.6m 0.9m TBD 40HP 110kg L 4 2mm 1.6mm
450 Sea Nymph 4.5m 2.03m 0.6m 1m 190kg 40HP 110kg L 5 3mm 2mm

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