BMT Packages


The specialists at the Whittley Marine Group and Yamaha Outboards, have undertaken detailed testing to optimize a full range of Clearwater AL Boat, Yamaha Motor and Dunbier Trailer packages, for general boating, fishing, skiing and family cruising.

Whittley’s Catalyst Packages, make boating easy, as these are manufacturer tested, recommended and factory selected BMT packages, to ensure your new boat purchase is as hassle freeas possible.

Buying a new boat can be a stressful experience, however the knowledgable team at Whittley and Yamaha, have taken the stress out of selecting your new BMT package, through the introduction of Catalyst BMT packages.

To make your Clearwater BMT package a reality, speak to your authorized Yamaha BMT dealer,or contact the team at Yamaha Motor Finance. We only use and recommend, Yamaha Outboards, Australia’s leading brand of Outboard and the Outboard of choice.


With so many Clearwater AL and Dunbier packages out on the many boating hot spots around the country, it's clear - Clearwaters are the perfect match for Dunbier trailers. Every boat and trailer package are custom built, adjusted and designed to accompany each other.

From the Dunbier Nipper series, under the smallest of Clearwater AL models, right up to the Dunbier the dual axle GP 5.7 model under the Clearwater flagship, 580 Vanquish Cuddy. Dunbier offers the right trailer, for your boat. Dunbier also offer a comprehensive Australia wide, New Trailer Warranty for your peace of mind. And because your Dunbier is 100% Australian built, you are assured of quality under your Clearwater AL Boat!

“I purchased my new boat package 3 months ago, in this time, I have trailed the package around Mallacoota, Dartmouth and the Gippsland Lakes. My Dunbier makes the trailering and the launch and retrieval a of my boat a breeze. For me, next time around, it is a Dunbier Trailer and Clearwater Boat, or nothing else.”
Phillip Thompson Eden NSW