Whittley SL Specifications

SL28 SL26
SL22 SL21
Max # of Persons 8 8 7 7 6
Sleeping Accommodation 2 2 2 2 2
Hull Length 8.3m (27.23ft)
7.3m (23.95ft) 6.81m (22.34ft) 6.5m (21.3ft) 6.01m (19.72ft)
Length Overall 8.74m (28.67ft)
7.74m (24.78ft) 7.3m (23.96ft) 6.59m (21.59ft) 6.19m (20.3ft)
Beam 2.46m (8.07ft)
2.46m (8.07ft) 2.46m (8.07ft) 2.26m (7.42ft) 2.26m (7.42ft)
Dead Rise (at transom) 23º
23º 23º 23º 23º
Dry Weight BMT - Outboard (inc. heaviest motor and trailer)   2675kg* (5885lb*) 2350kg (5170lb) 1795kg (3949lb) 1471kg (3236lb)
Dry Weight BMT - Stern Drive (inc. heaviest motor and trailer*)   2875kg* (6325lb*) 2522kg (5548lb) 1949kg (4288lb) N/A
Fuel Capacity - Outboard 250L (66gal) 250L (66gal) 250L (66gal) 210L (55.4gal) 155L (40.9gal)
Fuel Capacity - Stern Drive 400L (105.6gal)
250L (66gal) 250L (66gal) 210L (55.4gal) N/A
Water Fresh Capacity 100L (26.4gal) 100L (26.4gal) 130L (34.3gal) 20L (5.3gal) 25L optional
Maximum Permissible Power of Outboard Motor 350hp 250hp 250hp 225hp 175hp
Maximum Permissible Power of Stern Drive Motor 380hp 320hp 320hp 225hp N/A

* Additional weight for the hardtop version will equate to a further 100 kg (220 lb) of weight to the BMT.

** Dry weight BMT – for both outboard and sterndrive – includes heaviest motor and trailer no more than 405 kg (890 lb) for SL2100; 550 kg (1210 lb) for SL2200; 750 kg (1650 lb) for SL2400; 780 kg (1716 lb) for SL2600.

NOTE: Whittley stated hull length is true centreline length and does not include the bowsprit or marlin board/swim platform where fitted. Length overall is the total centreline measurement that includes bowsprit and marlin board/ swim platform. Fluid measurements are in US gallons.