Whittley Cruisers are seeking to expand their team in the Fibreglass area. Working with a team of 18 you MUST have fiberglass experience, be committed and reliable.

Team leader opportunities are available for those who are willing to step up and prove they are capable.

Roles available:


To apply a consistency of thickness and uniform coating without flaws or air bubbles; using spray guns, rollers, cutting wheels etc. Your duties will include rolling, trimming, sanding, flow coating and installation of transom and stringers.

Gel Coater

To apply a consistency of thickness and uniform coating without spots or thin areas. Duties include taping, waxing moulds, touch ups and mould maintenance

Cutting booth

To cut componentry for a unit using Power tools /hand tools, saws, sanders, jigsaw. Your duties include Cutting, Drilling, Sanding, Adjusting, Pulling parts out of moulds

Team leaders / supervisors

The scheduling, organizing coordination of the area in order to produce a consistent and uniform product commensurate with quality standards as specified. To bring together all facets of material and manpower.

In these roles you must have a good memory and problem solving skills, common sense with the capacity to earn and high energy levels. There is very attractive overtime as an option, with sick leave and continuous service bonuses. There are staff and team incentives in place and financial increases for those who stand out and show promise.

If you’re up for the challenge, and are looking for a great way to enter the boating industry forward your resume to us.